Nikitony brothers

Connie and Alex are two brothers who stand behind the Nikitony brand. When both of them became fathers, they realized all joy and happiness which parenting brings to their lives. They also noticed the lack of quality accessories for their babies’ needs. This led them to creating their own brand, which specialises in producing trendy and handy little things for babies and their parents.

At Nikitony we create quality accessories for babies and parents which are designed with love and care. We strongly believe that useful things such as drooling bibs and nursing covers must be not only functional, they also have to look great and fashionable.

As fathers we understand the needs of other parents and try our best to solve various baby issues with our products. We always put quality of the fabric and finishing first. But we also pay much attention to design of our products. Keeping our customers happy is Nikitony’s top priority. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you have any suggestions or just want to say hello.