How to wash and care for bandana bibs?

It’s easy – machine wash in cold water mode will do the trick. After the washing lay it flat to dry. Iron the bandana bib on medium heat if you want to avoid wrinkles.

What materials are used in the bibs?

The front of the bandana is 100% organic cotton. The back is 100% polyester fleece that helps to absorb moisture and keeps the baby dry and comfy.

What is the main purpose of these bandana bibs?

Our bandana bibs are mainly used as drool bibs to keep babies dry. But don’t forget that these bandanas are also great trendy accessories! And you can use it during feedings too, although this way the bib will get dirty faster.

Is it possible to buy your bandana bibs individually or do you sell them only in pre-made sets?

Bibs only come in pre-made sets for now. It’s a good thing, actually, because this way we can pass on great savings to all of our customers.

What is the age range for the bibs?

The bandana bibs are best for kids from 3 months up to 36 months old. Two adjustable snaps make the bib suitable for a wide age range.

Do you sell wholesale?

No, right now we do not. But don’t be upset! It’s possible we will get to it in the near future, so stay tuned.